Get yourself a subscription box! Seriously, who doesn’t love them – and if you LOVE coffee or tea, get your favorites delivered! Don’t run out of Java Momma (that makes us cry), sign-up for a subscription to have it delivered as you please!

You heard it here, Java Momma subscription boxes ROCK and we are going to give you 10 reasons why:

  1. Discount – Did you know that you save 10% when you subscribe? Yep, you heard that right. Who doesn’t love a deal?!?
  2. Never Run Out – Hate to run out of your favorite magic beans? Well then signing up for a Java Momma subscription of your fave flavors will eliminate the issue! Easy peasy!
  3. Flexibility – Java Momma’s subscription boxes are convenient. Need products monthly? Quarterly? Bi-Monthly? Schedule your subscription to meet your needs. 
  4. Picks and Sips – Our Momma’s Picks and Momma’s Sips are monthly limited editions of specialty coffees (picks) and teas (sips). Don’t miss a month by signing up to have those delivered every month. 
  5. Air Roasted Coffee – At Java Momma, we air roast our coffee which gives it the divine bean flavor and smooth taste.
  6. Freshly Roasted – Coffee is roasted-to-order. Can’t get any fresher than that!
  7. Variety – Java Momma has an awesome variety of teas and coffees you can subscribe to! Want to change a product subscription? No problem. Go into your account and switch it up!
  8. Mugs – Who doesn’t love coffee mugs. Everyone needs a new mug. Try our Mug of the Month subscription! Never miss a mug!
  9. Single Serve – Love single-serve cups? Yep, we have those as well available for subscription. 
  10. **NEW** Mystery Boxes – Our super popular mystery boxes are now available for subscription. So many cool themes with awesome items are planned each month.  Some special releases will only be in the monthly themed mystery boxes.  If you love our mystery boxes, make sure to sign up for these!


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Ready for a Java Momma Subscription? Contact the Independent Barista that referred you to this post!